3 Healthy Snack Ideas

OK lets face it, snacks are a part of life. We live very active lifestyles, so we tend to get hungry during the day, especially in between meals. Whether you are at work or at home, there is no escaping that urge to snack on something delicious. But snacks don’t always have to be seen as unhealthy, in fact there are plenty of options when it comes to healthy snack ideas.

An apple with peanut butter for example is a great choice for a healthy snack. Apples are high in fiber, and peanut butter is an excellent source of protein and healthy unsaturated fats. It also delivers a small amount of potassium, magnesium, and Vitamin E. Simply slice up an apple into equal slices, spread on some peanut butter and enjoy. Even if you are not a huge fan of apples, the two combined offers up a whole new taste.

Another great example of a healthy between meal snack is trail mix. Trail mix offers a wide range of dried fruits, nuts, seeds, oats and even the occasional chocolate. The nuts and seeds off a great source of healthy fats (monosaturated and polyunsaturated) and are also a perfect way to add some protein to your diet. Fruits will provide a whole assortment of vitamins, minerals, and natural sugars. Oats are a great way to stay heart healthy because they are known for protecting the body against heart disease, and even offer up some fiber.

When it comes to healthy snack ideas, smoothies are one of those that always seem to top the charts. The choice of smoothie is entirely up to you, a green smoothies (vegetable) or fruit smoothies, but when it comes to taste nothing can compare to a fruit smoothie. Any assortment of fruits will do, it does not have to be an old fashion strawberry and banana smoothie. Be creative. Mixing and matching different fruits not only changes the taste of the smoothie, but it also exposes your body to a wider range of vitamins and minerals.

Eating healthy does not have to be a lot of work, and although sometimes convenience wins out when it comes to unhealthy eating habits, there are options. One tip that always helps is to take some time in the beginning of the week to prep your fruits and vegetables for easy access. This will help trump the convenience most unhealthy foods have over eating healthy.

Healthy Dinner Ideas

A busy schedule doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t prepare healthy and wholesome meals for yourself or for the whole family. With great healthy dinner ideas you can soon be sitting down to enjoy easy healthy meals in less than half the time that it would take for you to grill chicken outdoors or prepare a roast in your conventional oven. A convection, conduction and infrared oven will allow you to prepare amazingly healthy and delicious culinary delights in less time than it takes to run a load of laundry.

Healthy Dinner Ideas for the Busy Professional

It is very tempting for the busy professional to order in or hit up the drive through on his or her way home. While this might save time, it might not help save your waistline from expanding. There are lots of great healthy dinner ideas that you can whip up in no time at all.

Use your infrared convection oven to prepare a lean steak that is grilled to sizzling perfection, or roast a few pieces of chicken so you have leftovers for lunch at work the next day. Cooking vegetables in your convection oven is a cinch.

Add some asparagus to your plate for the gourmet touch, or bake a sweet potato to tender perfection in no time at all. For the busy professional who is constantly on the go, just a few healthy dinner ideas can help you to prepare hearty and waistline friendly meals in less time than other cooking methods, and in less time than it takes to have a pizza delivered.

Healthy Dinner Ideas for Busy Families

Evenings are often filled with rushing about trying to prepare dinner, get homework done, or rushing the kids to soccer or gymnastics. Even the busiest schedule doesn’t mean that you can’t prepare easy healthy meals that the kids will love.

Wrap favorite vegetables in aluminum foil with seasonings sprinkled over the vegetables. They’ll steam to absolute tender perfection. Prepare delicious roasted vegetables to accompany a grilled chicken breast or a seared pork chop that is lean and nutritious. Even fish like salmon can taste great and retain its nutitious value. There are several cooktops available to the general public that will allow you to prepare delicious healthy meals.

Your family’s nutrition is important. Your convection, conduction and infrared oven will allow you to meet everyone’s nutritional needs, without sacrificing on precious family togetherness.

How To Eat Healthy On a Budget – Part 1

There are a couple of common complaints I hear when it comes to eating healthy.

1. I don’t have the money!
2. I don’t have the time!

Today I want to dispel those common myths and show you exactly how to cook healthy meals for your family cheaply and efficiently! (Sorry, you just ran out of excuses to get healthy!)

I will deal with these myths one at a time…

Myth #1- I don’t have the money

I used to feel the same way. All the healthy food looks so expensive. It’s what we are told and what we tell ourselves over and over again. After all, every time we go on a new diet we spend a fortune! It feels like we just purchased the whole store! Isn’t it just cheaper to buy some frozen pizzas?

I decided I wanted to prove this myth wrong. So I set out to do it. I planned all the meals and my husband freaked when he saw the grocery list. He said, “This is going to be outrageous”. Keep in mind that I also buy organic whenever possible. This was my meal plan for the week:

Monday – Balsamic Roasted Chicken Breast with Sweet Potato and Broccoli

Tuesday- Almond Chicken with Sweet Potato and Green Beans

Wednesday- Sauteed Chicken with Onions, Green Peppers, and Shredded Cheese

Thursday- Meatloaf with Salad

Friday- Chili

Saturday- Chili leftovers

But wait, there’s more!

I also planned mine and my husband’s healthy lunches and snacks for the week! Our healthy lunches for Monday – Saturday were:

Baked Chicken with Salad

Morning Snack – Roasted Almonds and Apple

Afternoon Snack- 2 Boiled Eggs

So how did I do all this?????

I’m going to break it down for you.

2 Large Packs of Chicken Breasts – $6.99 a piece – $2.00 Savings with my Kroger Card = $9.98

4 Large Sweet Potatoes (everyone gets 1/2 sweet potato with dinner) = $3.89

2 Bags Frozen Broccoli – $2.00

2 Bags Frozen Green Beans – $2.00

3 Green Peppers – $2.55

Bag of Yellow Onions – $3.76

Bag of Shredded Cheese- $1.89

1 lb hamburger for meatloaf – $2.49

2 Lg Containers of Organic Spring Lettuce Mixture – $7.98 (including $2.00 Kroger card discount)

3 lbs Hamburger for Chili – $6.99

2 Lg Cans of Tomatoes for Chili – $2.74

2 Organic Lemons for Chicken Recipes – $1.58

1 Head of Garlic for recipes – $.79

2 packs organic cherry tomatoes for balsamic chicken recipe- $5.00

Bag organic Fugi Apples for Snack – $5.99

Organic Block Cheese for Salads – $5.49

Almond Butter for Almond Chicken recipe- $4.95

Dijon Mustard for Chicken recipe – $.79

1 lb raw almonds for snack – $6.88

Sour cream for chili – $1.69

organic raisins (I LOVE these on my salad!) – $2.99

organic bananas (for my kids) – $1.94

I had eggs this week but normally a carton of organic eggs runs me – $3.00

= $87.45!!!!!!

Now we have dealt with the money excuse. In part 2, I will show you how you can cook weekly meals for your family without living in the kitchen! In part 3, I will share my recipes! We’re just getting started so you DO NOT want to miss parts 2 and 3!

Sunday- Leftovers from week

Coffee Has Been Around a Long Time, But a Healthy Coffee? Gimme a Break!

Daily Morning Kick from A Cup, but could it be healthy?

Rise and shine sunshine! What better way to start one day is to get a kick from that rich smell aroma that coffee brings! More and more people are taking this cup of Joe every morning to start their day right. But Healthy Coffee?

This habit as the day kicks in started sometime in the thirteenth century, despite of the unclear stories of how coffee originated. Some claim that Ethiopians were the first people who savoured the luxury of coffee beans. Egypt, Yemen, Africa, Arabia are few of the countries followed. It may be clear or not how coffee originated, one thing is certain. It evolved to be one of the most sought after beverages these days aside from water and the second most traded commodity next to oil.

Daily sightings of coffee consumption starts from home, going to work, coffee breaks and even after meals and business meetings. There are some people who cannot last without caffeine in their system. They are proud to call themselves, caffeine or coffee lovers. They can tell a good coffee from bad ones by simply smelling it. There is a strong connection between them and the caffeine. Going to coffee shops and looking at the baristas look fun. They serve it in different flavours and ounces, they way you wanted it to be. Espresso or brewed is the most common preparation that you can get; either you will visit the famous or unpopular coffee shops. Coffee is prepared by roasting, grinding and brewing. You can have it in any preparation that suits your taste and mood.

Coffee beans are the main source which can be raised in countries like Africa, Arabia, Indonesia and Brazil. There are other countries that are producing coffee beans too aside from them. Once the beans are ready to harvest, it has to be cleaned, dried up, stored and transported to places where it can utilized or used the most. Robusta and Arabica are the two famous varieties of coffee.

King Louis XIV once said that coffee is the source of happiness and wit. I am sure that everyone will agree with him. We drink coffee for pleasure and others to keep them going. Some are drinking coffee for status symbol and for socialization. It has become one of the most interesting lifestyle one is having as of the moment. Both from a consumer’s standpoint King Louis are right. But from the producer and grower themselves they see that it is more of happiness. They make money in growing this wonder seed which was proven last 2003, when the annual consumption of coffee worldwide was over 400 billion cups. Do your math and you can see much it is right now and in the next 10 years. United States is topping the list of the consumers, taking 35% of the 4B.

We drink coffee for fun, good feeling and to keep us awake. You may get them from coffee shops, buy an instant pack or brew one at home.

But… everyone knows that coffee is bad for them. There is a lot of science out there that says that coffee makes your blood acidic and that disease thrives in acidic, or low ph blood.

But what if there was a healthy coffee as an alternative. The idea of course, on the surface may seem absurd, but it really has legs.

This new phenomenon gets the “health” part from an ancient Chinese herb that emperors once prized even over gold. Its called Ganoderma Luicidum. According to Wikipedia, this is the oldest herb used in Chinese medicine and the hard, scientific, research on it certainly does make it appear to be “Miracle Herb”.

Let me be clear, we’re not scientists or doctors and we certainly wouldn’t dream of trying to diagnose or treat illness but reports of what this herb’s used for around the world are astounding and widely available on line.

We found its use, scientifically, with and without traditional treatments to support a number of things such as lowering blood pressure, reducing risks in diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, colon cancer, Eczema, asthma and just about anything else you can think of. We were shocked.

So, imagine putting this ganoderma herb into coffee.

There are now several different companies that are providing this ganoderma blend throughout the world.

What better way to serve up this “miracle herb” than in something people already do habitually every day.

The companies we found are Organo Gold, Gano Excel and Java Fit just to name a few, and they seem to be creating quite a buzz. All these companies are using a direct sales model rather than traditional paid advertising and so far, it seems to be working. After all, what better way to be introduced to something you already do, than to hear hearty testimonial from a friend?

We liked the idea so much, we thought we’d try it out. Tried both Gano Excel and Organo Gold and decided to go with Organo Gold. In our humble opinion, it tastes great and… made us feel great; but you be the judge and jury on that one. We just love the idea of a healthy coffee. Who wouldn’t?

We’ll keep watching this, but the idea is absolutely amazing.

Enjoy a cup of caffeine organically. Add a sip of excellence and health to your daily habit.

Healthy Alternatives For Your Fundraising Project

Nowadays, fundraising is considered one of the most popular social events in the community. Many non-profit organizations make use of fundraisers in order to obtain funds for their pending projects and activities. As a fundraising organizer, it is your job to look for the best fundraising ideas present in the industry today. Aside from looking for an effective idea for your fundraising needs, you can also make sure that your products are healthy for your customers especially the health-conscious ones. This assures you that many people will purchase your products since they are also good for their health.

People nowadays are always looking for ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can take advantage of this by utilizing healthy products in your fundraiser so that you can also contribute to their well-being as well as making profits for your events. You can do this by incorporating fun events in your fundraiser that promote a healthy lifestyle such as sport events, marathons, or exercise-based activities. This lets people in your community know that they too can be healthy and at the same time help other people through their participation in your fundraiser. You can obtain profits from this through the use of registration fees as they participate in your events. You can also ask the help of local business establishments in your community to assist your fundraiser financially in exchange for advertising their own line of products. You can obtain lots of money by doing this so make sure that you hold your end of the agreement and feature their products in your fundraising event. Not only will you be able to help people get in shape and healthy, but local businesses will also benefit from your fundraiser as well.

Aside from these fun-filled activities, you can also organize a sales fundraiser that focuses on selling healthy products such as cookie dough, chocolates and fresh fruits. These healthy products are already very popular in the market today so you won’t have any problems promoting these products to your customers. As well as being popular, these healthy alternatives are also very profitable since you can purchase them cheaply and sell them at affordable price. You just need to make sure that you purchase your products at trusted fundraising companies that will provide you with high-quality but affordable food products.

One of the main advantages of using these products for your fundraiser aside from being healthy is that they are consumable. Consumable types of products will increase the chance of your fundraiser to have repeat sales. And repeat sales means that your income will also generally increase. The only problem with consumable types of products especially foods is that you need to have a good storage capacity to keep them fresh before distributing to customers. Make sure to research about the storage requirements of your products in order for it not to spoil and increase your expenses. If your products need refrigeration such as fresh fruits and cookie dough, you can borrow a unit from some of your volunteers to lessen the overall expenses of your fundraiser.