Your Vegan Breakfast – Easy Ideas and Recipes To Kick-Start Your Morning!

Many new folk on the vegan diet find it difficult to think of tasty and easy foods to prepare. Oftentimes, many folk just do not have the time or energy to search for easy, healthy vegan recipes. And when it comes to breakfast, they are often stuck in the same old food rut! However, to all you vegans out there – be aware that they are many tasty, healthy and easy vegan breakfasts that you can prepare.

Easy & Healthy Vegan Breakfasts Ideas & Recipes:

Fresh Juice – If you have a juicer, be aware that making a vegetable and fruit juice for your breakfast is fast, easy and super healthy. You can juice celery, beetroot, carrots, apples, ginger, parsley, or any other fruit or vegetable of your fancy.

Vegan Smoothie – This is another easy and healthy vegan breakfast drink, however, you do need a blender.

For a chocolate banana smoothie, blend together 1 Cup rice/soy milk, 1 Tbsp. cacao powder, 1 very ripe banana, 2-3 Tbsp. soy yogurt, a drizzle of agave nectar and a pinch of sea salt. Add more milk if the smoothie is too thick for your liking.

For a berry smoothie, blend together 1 Cup rice/soy milk, 3-4 Tbsp. soy yogurt, ½ Cup frozen or fresh berries, a pinch of sea salt, and some ice-cubes.

To create your own vegan smoothie, blend together your choice of the following: soy/rice/coconut milk, soy/coconut yogurt, dates, raisins, sultanas, goji berries, crushed nuts, chia seeds, flaxseeds, linseeds, maple syrup, agave nectar, sea salt, peanut butter, bananas, grated vegan chocolate, cacao powder, molasses, berries, and some ice-cubes.

Fruit Galore!
You can enjoy your fruit in so many wonderful ways, and if not in a juice or smoothie – some other delightful way!

Seasonal Fruit Salad – You can eat a large bowl of fresh, seasonal fruit by itself for a wonderful, fresh and easy vegan breakfast! Or you can fancy it up a bit with soy yogurt, chopped walnuts, Brazil nuts, pecans, macadamia nuts or almonds, and a drizzle of maple syrup or agave nectar! Your taste buds can really be treated with a gourmet fruit salad!

Fried bananas – Heat a couple of Tbsp’s. Of olive oil in a frying pan and add some sliced bananas (sliced length-ways), along with a good drizzle of maple syrup or agave nectar. Fry for 1-2 minutes on each side. Serve warm on top of toast, with some crushed walnuts and an extra drizzle of maple syrup!

Vegan Cereal – The supermarkets and health food stores offer a wide range of vegan cereals nowadays, so you should try as many as you can and find your favorites! Enjoy your cereal with rice or soy milk and a dollop of yogurt. To make your bowl of cereal healthier, more sustaining and more delicious, add your choice of pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, linseeds, chia seeds, nuts, goji berries, raisins, sultanas or chopped dates! This will turn an ordinary bowl of cereal into a sustaining, healthy (and still easy!) vegan breakfast!

Toast – Many vegans find that they are stuck in a rut when it comes to their morning toast. But be aware that there are tons of toppings to enjoy! You are probably frequently eating your toast with vegan spread and jam. Try the following toppings also:
– Sliced avocado, sea salt and pepper
– Sliced tomato, sea salt, pepper, vegan cheese (put in the grill or jaffle maker to melt cheese)
– Vegan chocolate spread (from health shop)
– Brazil nut spread, almond spread, cashew spread, peanut butter with a drizzle of maple syrup or agave nectar
– Sliced banana, vegan chocolate spread, peanut butter (all three together = to die for! If you want you can put a slice of bread on top to make a sandwich, and toast it. The banana will cook and your chocolate spread will melt into a pool of taste-bud heaven!)

As you can see, if you let your imagination go wild there are an infinite variety of delicious, healthy and easy vegan breakfast recipes and ideas! Your morning never has to start off boring again! If you are still stuck on ideas, you can find a wide range of vegan recipes online, either on websites, blogs, you-tube, or professional vegan recipe e-books containing tons of yummy recipes!

A Healthy Marriage – How to Keep Your Marriage Fit

If there is a sad reality about all relationships, especially marriages, it is simply this: When you let go of a relationship, or neglect one, you are sure to lose it . . . in time.

Sadly, many people neglect their health, and it only hurts their marriage. Stress, poor eating habits, hectic schedules, a lack of sleep and other factors often contribute to the decline of one’s health and his/her relationships.

If you want to enjoy the best possible marriage, you must give your marriage and yourself the best possible care. And you can only be at your best as a spouse, partner and friend if you are doing your best to take care of yourself!

Seven Dynamite Tips

The benefits of keeping yourself in excellent health are many: you’ll feel better, you and your spouse will have more fun together, you’ll both remain youthful and energetic, while staying attractive to each other, not to mention enjoying a more vibrant romantic life.

Try these seven powerful tips for boosting your physical and emotional health, and building a rock-solid foundation for your marriage – a marriage that will stand the test of time and reward you and your beloved a thousand times over.

One: Exercise Regularly

Nothing takes the place of good ole’ exercise, which supports the body in many ways, such as strengthening the heart, boosting the immune system, combating stress and giving us more energy.

Try exercising together. It is a great way to spend more time together, and it will help keep you motivated to exercise.

I recommend designing an exercise program that motivates both of you. Have FUN exercising, and you’ll do it more often.

Two: Eat healthy meals

A problem area for some couples . . . this is where all couch potatoes get their start: eating an unhealthy diet or eating too much and too often. Eating on the go or stopping at fast food outlets compounds the problem.

Eating a healthy diet is essential to living a good, healthy life. Most of us need more fruits and vegetables in our diets. More whole grains, beans and nuts, and less processed food. Fresh is best. Learn to prepare your nutritious food creatively, and learn together.

Three: Avoid Cigarette Smoke

Smoking is a tough habit to break, but you can do it. It’s actually easier to quit if you’ve tried to quit several times before and failed!

Yes, if you’ve failed, you are that much closer to success.

Clients who have come to me for smoking cessation are always surprised when I tell them the more times they have failed the better.

By learning from your mistakes, and figuring out what went wrong last time, you can put together a smoking cessation program that actually works. Consult your doctor or other healthcare professional for assistance. Remember, too, second-hand smoke is dangerous.

Four: Keep Your Weight Respectable

Even mild obesity makes it more likely that one will get heart disease, have a stroke or develop diabetes. It’s a significant risk factor in developing a variety of diseases. Controlling one’s weight may seem hard, but it’s no harder than being overweight and having to suffer from all the consequences.

Can’t seem to drop the pounds?

You will lose weight, in time, if you follow the first and second tips of this article (exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet). Losing weight is easier when a person makes lifestyle changes. These include adopting a more active lifestyle and making permanent changes to your diet, such as eating smaller portions. Doing your own lawn mowing and gardening, as opposed to hiring someone to do it for you, can help.

Beware: get your spouse (and doctor) to work with you on this. It is very hard to lose weight if only one spouse is making dietary changes.

Stay with it. Just don’t give up. Remember: slimming down can work wonders for a marriage.

Five: Get Regular Medical Exams and Screenings

Annual check-ups help detect problems early. Keep tabs on your blood pressure, blood sugar, the health of your skin, eyes and ears. Women should have regular breast cancer screenings. Men should get their prostrate checked (prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer among men). Early detection may save your life.

If you or your partner experiences a difficult emotional setback or loss, get some counseling. It could save your marriage. Everyone can benefit from counseling now and then.  

Six: Customize a Realistic Stress Management Program That Works For You

Remember . . . stress is a silent killer.

But if you have a stress busting system, you’ll be able to deal with the stress you carry around with you a little at a time. You won’t allow stress to build up.

De-stress on a daily basis, and you will keep yourself healthy and strong.

My personal plan involves going to the mountains now and then to clear my head. I love going, and so I do it as often as I can. I exercise by hiking, biking, fishing and skiing. And I feel more at peace in the rugged and beautiful mountains.

If you need help, contact a professional trainer or a coach who can help get you on track.

Seven: Pamper Your Marriage

Take the time to pamper yourself and your mate.

When you’re tired and stressed out, take a bubble bath, go fishing or take the dog for a walk in the park. Enjoy hobbies, watch movies, relax while listening to music. How long has it been since you’ve taken a shower together or treated your partner to a lavish full-body massage?

Instead of falling into a rut and leading a boring love life, go on dates with your beloved often. Romantic evening ideas range from preparing a gourmet meal for your partner, going to a special restaurant, making a special homemade gift, sending the kids to the sitter’s while you and your spouse watch a movie and spend a quiet evening at home. Surprise your partner with a foot massage, play music and dance the night away! You can think of more ideas.

There are countless creative ideas you can use to make your evening more interesting, and to get your spouse to look forward to coming home from work! 

Use your imagination and have fun! 

Remember to pamper . . . and pampering means going above and beyond the call of duty. Don’t just spend the evening together, CELEBRATE the evening!

Other Tips

Saving more money is a wonderful way to decrease stress and invest in a worry-free future, making your retirement years truly special.

Balancing Your Life will make you feel less stressed and boost your immune system . . . and your relationships will thank you.

Slowing Down and Driving More Safely will reduce your stress, increase your family’s comfort, set an example for young people and save lives.

Positive Change Strategies

1. Talk about it with your spouse first. Get cooperation.

2. Explore your options and discuss possibilities.

3. Think creatively and do something different. Otherwise you’ll get the same results.

4. Work and decide as a team. Stand together.

5. Give each other plenty of TLC and lots of emotional support. Be tolerant and understanding, and slow to judge.

6. Stop and think about your relationship potential. Aim higher than a run-of-the-mill relationship. You can have a special and extraordinary marriage if you try.

7. Be positive in discussing the need for change in your marriage. Don’t point the finger at your spouse. Accept mutual responsibility for making your dreams come true. Act together to make your problem-solved future a reality.

In A Nutshell

You can improve your marriage by taking care of your health and helping your partner to be healthy. Don’t fall prey to the temptation to neglect your health or your marriage will suffer.

Follow the seven dynamite tips for strengthening your marriage: exercise regularly, eat healthy meals, avoid cigarette smoke, keep your weight respectable, get regular medical exams and screenings, manage your stress, and pamper your marriage.

Follow these guidelines, stay with it and you’ll soon notice a big difference in your marriage!

Diet & Cancer Treatment – Healthy Eating to Beat Cancer

It seems as though humans are geared toward problem solving more than they are toward preventing potential problems from occurring. This is very evident when looking at the lack of serious effort put into preventive healthcare when compared to disease care.

Most people allow themselves to live a lifestyle that almost guarantees illness then suddenly become “health nuts” in an attempt to regain their squandered health.

Let’s begin our discussion with diet and cancer treatment since this is a common question of many people in desperate need of dietary guidance.

Good Healthy Diet

The foods you need when undergoing cancer treatment are very similar to those you should have been consuming to combat cancer formation. However, special emphasis must be put on supporting the organs involved in excretion and cleansing toxins from your body.

Toxin excretion is especially important during chemotherapy and other cancer treatments because your body will be producing massive amounts of waste material that must be safely expelled. Allowing toxins to remain in your body longer than absolutely necessary will weaken your already frail systems even more.

The fact that chemotherapy drugs you will be taking to combat cancer are toxins and will have to be processed by your liver then excreted by your kidneys or bowel put those three organs at the top of the list needing nutritional support.

Raw Vegetable Diet

The basis of a healthy diet while your body is undergoing treatment includes raw vegetables and fresh fruit. It is very important that these foods be organic and in their natural, uncooked state.

Why organic?

Because chemically grown foods may have pesticides on or in them.

This only contributes more toxins to your body that it must neutralize and excrete. You will have enough body-produced waste and pharmaceutical drugs to process without adding more toxins from foods.

Organic produce has been shown to often, but not always, have more minerals and nutrients than produce grown with chemical fertilizers. However, chemically fertilized produce has never been shown to have more nutrients than organic.

You need all the minerals and nutrients you can get so eating organic foods only makes sense. Keeping pesticides and other toxins out of your foods is mandatory, which rules out consuming chemically grown produce.

Why can’t the raw vegetables and fresh fruit be canned, frozen, or cooked?

It’s because the process of canning, freezing, and cooking destroy all the natural enzymes and most of the nutrients your body needs.

You need these vital nutrients so don’t destroy them.

If you had consumed these types of foods in the amounts your body must have to operate correctly you may not have developed cancer. That’s a valuable thought for people not yet afflicted with cancer to ponder and act upon.

Eating to keep your body healthy and disease free is a good idea no matter how you look at it.

Healthy Vegetables

So what vegetables are the healthiest ones for your specific needs when undergoing cancer treatment?

You cannot know what foods your body needs at any given time so give it a wide variety of vegetables and nutrients to cover its needs as it tries to rid itself of cancer and reestablish normal cellular reproduction.

The many colors vegetables come in represent different nutrients they contain. By consuming a wide variety of differently colored fruits and vegetables you are supplying your body with a broad range of nutrients.

And you must consume these healing foods throughout every day.

Think about this for a moment.

If your body has a need for a specific nutrient but you ate the vegetables that contained it yesterday and you do not plan on eating that food again today your body will not have that nutrient available when it is needed.

For example, red beets are particularly helpful in nutritionally supporting your liver and kidneys. Because these organs will be working diligently to expel many of the toxins your body must rid itself of it is a good idea to give them the nutrients they need to perform these vital functions as efficiently as possible.

Many people do not consume raw red beets daily so the specific nutrients found in this food may be lacking on the days you do not eat them. It is neither difficult nor onerous to grate raw beets over your salad to assure you are getting the nutrients from this food every day.

Consume a wide variety of raw vegetables and fresh fruit throughout each day to satisfy your nutritional needs the best you can.

Dietary Fiber Is Important

The fiber in fresh fruits and vegetables should not be ignored.

Fiber keeps material moving through your bowel aiding it in waste and toxin removal. A diet lacking in fiber allows waste products to remain in the bowel longer than they should and this can lead to bowel cancer.

Keep a large amount of fiber from raw vegetables, fresh fruits, and whole grains continually moving through your gut.

Water Is Essential

Huge amounts of water are needed to neutralize toxins and move waste products through your kidneys and intestines.

Dietary fiber soaks up quite a bit of water. Supplying plenty of water to keep material moving quickly through your gut tube is a prudent objective.

Failing to drink plenty of pure, clean water (not the stuff from a municipal water supply that has chemicals in it) can result in the fiber in your gut forming a difficult to move mass.

In other words, it may feel like you are trying to pass a brick the next time you go to the bathroom if you are not consuming plenty of water all day long.

Foods To Avoid

Avoid fast foods and all foods that are “white” including white flour, white sugar, and white rice. Shun processed and packaged foods.

Keep your foods as close to the way they come from nature and you will be on the right track.

By consuming raw vegetables, fresh fruit, whole grains, and healthy oils such as olive and flax seed oil you will be giving your body the nutrients needed to rebuild it.

Your diet and cancer treatment do not have to be the centerpiece of your existence.

But following a healthy diet may allow you to continue existing for quite a while longer than if you do not eat the foods your body needs to function properly.

Healthy Weight Loss – How To Eat For More Enjoyment

For most of us, eating is one of life’s major pleasures. This means that the thought of a healthy diet suggests less pleasure to some people.

When it comes to a healthy weight loss diet, the very idea is enough to put some off altogether.

There are many weight loss plans and programs and most of them have detailed ideas about what to eat and how to exercise.There does not seem to be much written about how we should eat for pleasure, while probably eating less of some of the foods we really like.

A great start is to think hard about our food, just before the meal is a good time for this. Really consider just how hungry you are. So much of our eating is by habit or to a time schedule, perhaps sometimes, the real need is for less than the hearty meal you had planned?

If so, you could easily opt for a smaller portion, or possibly miss out a course. Leaving out a starter like nachos for instance.

This next is my favourite tip – make a point of taking your time. Really savour and enjoy every mouthful. There should not be a hurry, your food is much too important to be gulped without really appreciating it.

I find this next idea difficult to even write! When I was growing up, it was drummed into me to eat everything on my plate – a habit I find difficult to break even today. However, in the world as it is nowadays, you may do yourself much more good by realising you have had enough and moving what is left to the side of your plate. When eating out, you could probably get a box or a ‘doggy bag’. At home, perhaps someone else is hungrier than you are and can ‘take up the slack’.

Being aware of what and how much you are eating can take you a long way along the road to being successful with your healthy weight loss.

Healthy Treats Made With Nuts

If you’re looking for a family treat or snack that is delicious and also has nutritional value, why not consider the healthy treats that can be made with nuts? Nuts are a great source of protein, fiber and antioxidants, making them an ideal snack. Here are a few treat ideas and some suggestions for keeping a well-stocked pantry so you can make amazing treats whenever you’re inspired to do so.

Treat Ideas

Once you realize the variety of treats that can be made with nuts, you’ll want to try as many as you can. From nut candies to pies there is likely to be something on this list to tempt everyone.

Chocolate Dipped Almonds

This is one of the easier confections to make. Simply purchase quality shelled almonds in the bulk section of your grocery store. Purchase salted or unsalted depending on your preference. Also buy a quality semi-sweet chocolate. Cut the chocolate into small sized chunks and place in a microwave safe glass bowl. On 50% heat, microwave the chocolate until it melts. Dip each almond into the melted chocolate and place on a sheet of wax paper until the chocolate has dried. This recipe can also be used with any other nut variety, or dried fruits and is particularly amazing with dried apricots.

Healthy Snack Mix

Nuts are great when combined with other snack ingredients like dried fruit and chocolate pieces. This is a healthy snack to make with the kids. If you prepare several bowls of ingredients in advance you can even have different family members assemble their own custom blended healthy snack mix.

Nut Pies

Who can resist pecan pie? For variety, why not try a chocolate hazelnut pie? Pies featuring nuts are rich and are perfect for a special occasion. While these may not be as healthy they still offer nutritional value for this type of dessert.

Stocking the Pantry

If you’d like to be able to create a culinary masterpiece any time the inspiration strikes, it’s a great idea to have your pantry well stocked ahead of time. Most of the different treats that can be made with nuts will also require at least some of the basic baking supplies like sugar, flour, salt and butter. It’s also a good idea to keep an assortment of dried fruits like cranberries, raisins, cherries and apricots. As far as nut selection goes, if you have peanuts, almonds, pecans, walnuts and hazelnuts on hand you’ll be able to make a great selection of nut treats.

There are so many different treats that can be made with nuts, including healthy treats, that it can be hard to decide where to start. Why not choose your favorite nut and start with a simple recipe and see where inspiration takes you?